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anime I've been watching and for a reason I'm not 100% sure on I like watching:

Kiss Him, Not Me
Kae Serinuma is a fujoshi, who is chubbier than the rest of her high school peers. Obviously that makes her unattractive and is drawn with exaggerated facial appearance to emphasis how unattractive she is. Short story is her favorite anime character died and Kae becomes so distraught, she loses weight fast in a week and has become pretty. Now a few specific group of boys are pining for her attention.

Right off the bat - it's not my kind of show. The premise of the show sounds so ridiculous. When she's chubby, she had a voice that sounded hoarse and bloated but when she's skinnier, the voice is the opposite. However, I have been watching it since it came out. Whoops. Don't get me wrong. The anime is unrealistic when it deals with issues like weight. You can't take it seriously. Though, because I cannot take it seriously may be why I watch it. It's light-hearted compared to the sports anime shows I'm watching.

I can't say the topic of weight is put on the back burner, although it isn't brought up too much if I remember right. In one of the episodes, Kae gains back the weight and one of the main guys was put off and tries to get her to lose the weight. The show talks of superficial love and true love as a theme. It started as superficial love but after getting to know Kae, it changes.

Yuri!!! on Ice
Speaking of love and sports anime, I'VE BEEN LOVING YURI ON ICE. It's a show about figure skating. Yuuri's window for success in skating is closing until his idol, Victor, decides to coach him.

I do not understand Yuuri though. On one hand, he can be insecure and fragile then he acts the opposite. He surprises me (which is Victor's motto maybe that's why he likes Yuuri hmmmmm).

Victor is the charismatic popular character-- aka the type of people I get suckered into liking. Even though on the outside it seems like life if perfect for him, there are these small moments where we uncover his layers to see what he's really like. It's getting late and I'm getting tired to think and provide more examples and talk about the characters, so I'll leave it at that for descriptions.

The anime isn't labeled as BL but it sure feels like low-key BL. Victor and Yuuri openly do things and it's got a lot of sexual innuendo. Yeah, let me moisturize your lips in public for the first time with lip balm or whatever.
You know, there was this Korean manhwa about a chubby girl which was actually kinda cute. In the end, she lost the extra weight but the boy liked her anyway with it or without it.

In animenewsnetwork Yuri on Ice is tagged as shounen ai, though? Which is kinda funny because yuri also means girl-love in Japanese but this is just me finding silly things funny.
Was it a good manhwa though? there's a manhwa called Sarasah and the MC liked a guy but would show her love too boldly IMO. I felt she went a bit beyond than she needed to and the guy felt the same and pushed her down the stairs or something. I forgot the details but I think she ended up being in a coma? But she got a second chance in life but in the past. Having something a bit extreme happen because of a guy made me think of Sarasah.

It is tagged as that? The site I checked didn't have it tagged as that, so I thought YOI was being bad at being low key? lol but I'm glad it is shounen ai. I think many others are willing to check out that genre more-- myself included. I like what YOI has, which isn't very in your face with non-stop kissing and make outs (cough gravitation cough). Oh, and have you heard the English version dub of the show? Someone says Victor sounds like Gru (played by Steve Carell) from Despicable Me...and it's true. If you also have time and need laughs, watch Yaoi!!! On The Rocks (Yuri!!! On Ice Abridged) - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cibd1vjE_W4 !
Good.......? Honestly, I'm not sure would I describe it as good. The translation was a little here and there and the art style was very manhwa-esque; you know, big hands, slim bodies, slim heads and those shaded lips that look dry? And the main male character was the typical manwha male; rude, loud, violent. However, it was rather cute for a short nonsense school life romance. I wonder what the name of it was...

Oh right, here it is.
Pretty Haru

I guess tags depend on the person doing the tagging? I usually watch anime in Anilinkz, and this one time I watched a short anime called No. 6 which the site has tagged as yaoi. I'm sure you know that yaoi is the porno/adult version of shounen ai but I honestly can't remember if the two lead males ever even kissed. There was a dance scene, though? Waltz, really raunchy, I tell you :D

Um, I must admit that I don't what Gravitation or Despicable Me are. Oh, and I haven't actually watched Yuri on Ice, either. I just butted in even though I don't know anything, I'm sorry.
Regarding manhwas, have you heard of Killing Stalking? http://mangafox.me/manga/killing_stalking/ It won a prize in the Second Lezhin World Comics Contest so I assume it's good. I haven't read it, but it's on the list.

I don't mind the art styles manhwas but speaking of tropes or archetypes, there's a site that explains the different types. I haven't read many manhwas (*cough I've read 4 but I can't recall one of them cough*) but so far, I've noticed the "strong-willed and lively girl meets cold and cool boy."

Oh! I heard of No. 6. Someone said it was shonen-ai but I haven't read it yet so I don't know. Dancing can be quite passionate so maybe that tipped the yaoi scale.

No worries. It's better you don't know what Gravitation or Despicable Me is. Despicable Me is a children's movie while Gravitation is a yaoi manga. quite opposite series.
I haven't! Ha ha, the guy on the cover looks a little like Levi from Shingeki no Kyojin.

There is this one Korean manhwa writer who always writes the same story over and over, you know, a strong (usually cross-dressing) delinquent girl meets a stronger delinquent boy, and gets slapped into her place and in love.

Well, No. 6 is a light novel that got adapted to anime and manga. I've only seen the anime but it was pretty interesting if you like utopian dystopias and don't mind the homosexual undertones.

Ha ha, it's been ages since I've watched anything from Hollywood (something like two or three years) and while I do like reading yaoi among other genres I can't possible and don't want to know them all :D
Ah, crap. I used my fic account just now! Er, I deleted that comment.

Um, I just wanted to say I went and read Killing Stalking, and it was really messed up and creepy and intense, and sadly now I'm hooked and I even bought the latest chapters in Lezhin, and I'm worried I'll just end up using all my money on it ^^' Um, I'm really sorry for sending two comments!